Red Beans & Sausage

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Trinity Southern Foods offers you the traditional Monday Louisiana cuisine. Red Beans & Sausage has always been a Monday tradition in Louisiana. Our Red Beans & Sausage is creamy mixture of beans and sausage with our own blend of special seasonings and herbs. One taste and you are hooked on the best Red Beans & Sausage around. Filled with plenty of sausage, you will be delighted with the taste and the texture of the product. With the spices and the flavor of the sausage cooked into the product, you will not find a better tasting Red Beans & Sausage around. Serve the Red Beans & Sausage with White Rice and bread and you have meal for anyone. Or you can use it as a side item for almost any meal. Your customers will be asking for more.

The Tradition

The Monday tradition is a result of Red Beans and Rice was made with leftovers from the Sunday afternoon meal and could be simmered on the stove while the women were busy scrubbing clothes. This tradition still holds true for many restaurants in Louisiana where Red Beans and Sausage is served as a special of the day on Monday's.

Red Beans is one of the few Louisiana dishes that is commonly cooked both in people's homes and in restaurants. It remains a staple for large gatherings such as Super Bowl and Mardi Gras parties. It has always been part of the celebrated food items of many people in the Louisiana area. But now can become regular addition to the culinary delights of other parts of the country including your restaurant.

Certified CajunOrder your Red Beans & Sausage today - after all, it is a celebrated tradition in Louisiana. The bonus with this is that you know the product is a Louisiana product with the "Cajun Certified" logo from the Department of Agriculture!

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