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Are you ready to wrestle the gator? Alligator Chili is one of those little known delicacies in Louisiana. We use only hand trimmed alligator tail with our special blend of spices and herbs to give the "bite" that you are looking for. Don't let the exotic meat scare you. Alligator tail (the Louisiana White Meat) is very healthy for you. Don't miss out on providing your customers with this special little known Louisiana treat!

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Our award winning Chicken & Sausage Gumbo is a real treat sure to exceed all your expectations. This is one of the most popular products throughout Louisiana, but one that has to be cooked right with all the required ingredients. Yes, you can count on Trinity Southern Foods, Chicken & Sausage Gumbo to have the "holy trinity" included with our own special blend of spices and herbs with all the vegetables – cooked to perfection. Served over white rice, this will give you a true taste of the south. Provide your customers with a true Louisiana tradition, unique to our state and a flavor that will leave you begging for more.

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Get ready for something new! Our Jambalaya is amazing! We start with celery onions and a spicy tomato blend to begin sealing the taste. We then add chicken and a unique Louisiana Andouille sausage and rice to provide a Jambalaya that is seasoned to perfection. Brace yourself, this dish packs a punch straight from the south that you better prepare yourself for.

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You haven't lived until you try this Cajun favorite. Our Red Beans & Sausage is a symbolic dish of Louisiana Creole cuisine made with red beans, vegetables, spices and sausage cooked together slowly and is perfectly served over white rice.

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