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Start your "Cajun" Business today with NO Franchise Fees, No royalties or commissions, easy set up and no hidden costs!

Trinity Southern Foods has developed a unique system for entrepreneurs throughout the county to reap the benefits of our award winning products in their new start business.

  • Mall Food Court
  • Mall Kiosk
  • Catering Trailers
  • Convenience Store
  • ...and more

Our tested and proven products are easy to manage and the cost of each allows you to sell the product reasonably with a great food cost. Our partner network system has been developed through our wholesale division to assist companies and individuals throughout the country to offer authentic "Cajun Certified" food products. Doing business with us is easy, we work on the belief that being fair to everyone is the most important thing we can do and we strive to do business the way God intended – we do what we say!

Trinity Southern Foods has developed a Business Opportunity Program that assists entrepreneurs with food products that provide you with a niche that no one in your area will have. Authentic Cajun products that carry the "Certified Cajun" logo and that have the real taste of Louisiana.

Our partner network system is not a franchise, does not involve any royalty payments, is easy to get involved with and only requires that you sell our "Cajun" products. But you are not limited to only our products. We are here to help you with a variety of things and will provide guidance throughout the process.

If you are interested in opening your own business and don’t know what kind of products you want to provide, don’t miss out on the golden opportunity of selling authentic "Certified Cajun" food to your customers. Your customers will love you for it! Our Partner Network Program allows you the entrepreneur to decide the level of involvement you need from Trinity Sothern Foods. We have four levels for you to choose from:

Level 1: You open your business and we will sell you our Award Winning, great tasting, "Certified Cajun" food products that we offer. You will also be first in line to taste additional lines of products as they are developed through our R & D team. These products include: Alligator Chili, Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya, Red Beans & Sausage and Louisiana Live Crawfish.

Level 2: If during the process of developing your store, you need assistance with the layout of the new restaurant, food court, etc., concerning our food products, Trinity Southern Foods will provide assistance with the layout, the required equipment for your location and help you make it all fit within the building that you have. We can assist you using your blueprints and will have our professional draftsman send you diagrams of our suggested layout for the equipment, or we can provide you with one of our team members to be on-site and discuss the entire operation with you and assist in the design of the layout first hand.

Level 3: If you want a Trinity Sothern Foods team member to help assist you with our products and make suggestions concerning the types of equipment that you may need we can do that. Our team member will be there to help you prior to opening or even during your opening to train your management staff and employees and will assist in the store with sales and consumer questions for a minimum of 6 days.

Level 4: If you need Trinity to provide the equipment for your store, then we can do that along with a team member to assist you set things up, train your management staff and employees and spend 6 days with you while you open your store. Our team member will work right along with your employees in assisting them on selling our products and helping them to answer all the questions that your customers will have concerning "Cajun" products. The equipment will be ordered using our own buying power and will be shipped directly to your facility for installation.

Get started today!

Email us at info@TrinitySouthernFoods.com or go to our Contact page and send us your request.

This is a great opportunity in any area of the country to have "Certified Cajun" food products available within your business. Our program is designed to allow the new entrepreneur to choose the level of involvement and help that they need from the professionals at Trinity Southern Foods, LLC.

Our products are shipped to your directly from Louisiana via FedEx Ground, using plenty of dry ice in a reusable, custom insulated cooler, a packaging combination that will insure your products arrive frozen and in excellent condition (Crawfish shipped live using frozen gel packs to keep them cool). All products are shipped with no shipping charges. Our products are sold in 6# boil n bag packaging and manufactured in a USDA inspected facility in Louisiana. Whether you own a restaurant or looking into the beginning a career in the food industry or catering business, we are here to help you with our experience and great food.

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